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What Should I Pay A Shop Technician?

This handy calculator helps you determine technician pay related to your shop's current production.

Are you paying your technicians correctly?

What you’re paying your technicians plays a critical role in the profitability of your business. Do you find yourself asking:

  • How much can I AFFORD to pay this technician?
  • How much SHOULD I pay this technician?
  • What pay rate can I offer to be COMPETITIVE and PROFITABLE?


Many shops find themselves in a situation where their numbers SHOULD add up and be positive, but in reality, each month is a struggle.

Recognizing the difference between how your business runs ‘on paper’ and comparing it to how it’s actually running is an important step to understanding why. And understanding how your technician’s pay and hours affect these numbers is a great first step.

Level 6 ASC Technician Pay Calculator

Our conversations with many clients include reviewing their shop goals and established rates, and then comparing these to the ACTUAL numbers being achieved.    

From our many conversations with clients, we’ve developed this calculator to help you discover:

  • Estimated Actual COST of the Technician
  • Labor Hour Revenue Required for Healthy Margins
  • Labor Hours Required by the Technician
  • Weekly Pay Totals for the Technician
  • Hours Required Weekly at that Pay Rate

Level 6 ASC's Technician Pay Calculator uses the big picture to help you make the right pay decisions for your business.

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Can You Afford this Technician?

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